Balancing Work & Family Life – How It Worked For Me.

I am grateful. 

I am in a position to work, but also spend time with my family. As some are aware, I work in retail, a superstore and one of the four leader Supermarkets. It can be stressful, it can be calm. But without a doubt, it is enjoyable. I love going out to work – it is the freedom I need and some of my very close friends are from work.

I never quite fitted into the “school run mum club” at my two older children’s primary school. As soon as we moved I was eager to be more confident and speak up rather than distance myself away. I know my children are capable of achieveing good grades and I used to shy away about being the “geeky mum” trying to push my children more & more. That isn’t a bad thing by my view, but alas I will always be biased. I am only doing what any normal parent would do when they have potential.

When we moved school, I talked to different parents both the Year 2 Mums & Reception mums. They all seemed so nice and very approachable. I didn’t want to be judged and especially after the incident between their father either. I was accepted almost immediately. I have very close friend at work & at school & also outside both parties. It’s a very humbling feeling. I did lose many friends when I split up from their dad but I did it for our best intentions, I’d they don’t want to speak to me,quite frankly I don’t and will not  give a damn.

I knew a fair few weeks back that my new store role would mean an increase in contract hours. Suited me perfectly. It was what I needed but also I wanted to achieve much more than before. However my contract stated “Fully Flexible.” Now, had I have been 26 years old with no children or any commitments, fully flexible would have been no issue. However, I have three dependants. I am single. There is only me around. Something had to be done.

I requested a Family Flexible Contract, I was with my Personnal manager Plus a witness. I explained what I could and couldn’t do due to after school clubs & also breakfast clubs but also half term club aswell. The hours were wrote down on a provisional basis & I would hear back with a final agreement to which I could accept or appeal.

The decision back was more than enough for me, I was thrilled by my luck.

I have been honoured two days of: 8.30am to 2-30pm.

One day of 9am to 4pm.

And finally one shift of 8am to 2pm.

I have no child care issues as it is all in place already, my children attend a breakfast & after school club where the teachers escort them to the nursery setting, where they both meet their little brother & enjoy activities til I pick them up, in that time they also have a drink & a bite to eat.

Breakfast club is fairly straight forward again, drop them all of at the Nursery setting & the teachers then escort them to the school building ready to start the school day at 8.45am.

I couldn’t be more happy with the decision that Morrisons has honoured me. It means at night time I can spend more time with my family, aswell as weekends too. I am once again, very grateful.


Jenni x

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