Enjoying ‘me’ time – Life as a single mum.

As I’ve explained in blog posts beforehand, my future was never set out to be a single parent.  However things happen in life and sometimes you have to accept what has happened.

But in fact I love being a single parent. I enjoy being Mum & Dad, the breadwinner for the family and the one they can turn too for advice, or help with their homework or general goofing about!

I also work for a big supermarket, which I equally love. I enjoy my job, helping customers, getting my hands dirty and generally earning my keep. I’m not shy to join in with my team and help out. I’m not one of THOSE kind of workers.

I applied for a job which to be quite frank, I didn’t think I would get. Infact I was waiting for them to look at my name and laugh, that was how confident I was. I now have an increased working contract (my base hours is 20 but I’m honoured Upto 36.75 hrs including overtime at time and a half rate – I’m not complaining!) and lastly a nice pay rise. Because my Personnal manager who is also a People’s manager, has been so good to me, my contract base hours are school hours (woohoo!) but any overtime for me, would be before or after school and also weekend work, which I’m prepared to do.

My youngest child Riley as of today, has started Pre School on a full time basis. I can’t actually believe how happy he was when I left, he didn’t even cry. Proud is an understatement.

I now have time off in the week, I never had. Yes, a Monday. Monday equals MY TIME. I can’t actually get my head around I am on my own one day a week. For 6 hours.

And I felt dreadful. Slight guilt and slight happiness. I missed my babe as much as my missed older two. I knew how happy he was at the setting making new friends exploring the toys, outdoor play is by far his favourite activity. But at the same time, I felt me again. I don’t usually feel like me unless it’s at 10pm at night reading a magazine half asleep. And some nights I’m in bed by 9pm full of knackered!

Bank holiday Monday’s and half term Monday’s will be with all my babes, so not every Monday I will have off, which doesn’t matter. You know why? Because those Mondays will be extra special.

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