Mothers Day Lunch At The Windmill Inn

So on Mothers Day, I was pleasantly surprised by being wined and dined at a local Pub in Stratford-upon-Avon. I wasn’t expecting it, infact all I was told was to be ready as we were going for a nice drive and finding a nice spot for lunch, as it being Mother’s Day and the kiddies favourite place was the park, that was my instant guess, so my moms circled round as to which park. How naive was I?!


The Windmill Inn is based at Church Street in Stratford Upon Avon. The table was already booked, so we were greeted and shown our table which, the setting was absolutely beautiful.

I don’t tend to eat Starters, it’s never been my fortay, I much prefer a sweet. Theo chose a Beef Burger from the children’s menu, Riley had a Smaller Appetites Macaroni Cheese and Lauren decided on a Jacket Potato with Cheese and Beans. I chose a Roast Beef dinner because I haven’t had one in forever and also, it is Mothers Day 😉


I couldn’t get a photo of the kiddies meal, because as soon as it reached the table, they were ready to eat! 😂

The waiter that served up was so polite and very charming, I couldn’t have asked for much more customer service wise even if i tried, and I work in retail!


All three children chose a pudding and I decided on a Deluxe Hot Chocolate which was absolutely delicious.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I am already looking forward to going again, whether it be if a family or just a bite to eat after visiting town.

I would like to thank the staff for the wonderful food, lovely fresh drinks and impeccable service. Mothers Day really was made.

*This is my own views and in no ways sponsored. A family memeber decided on taking us all out and we paid the settled bill after finishing.


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