– Mothers Day Hamper –

So, I decided on giving my Mum something different this upcoming Mothers Day. I couldn’t decide on ‘just flowers’ nor just a box of chocolate and other odds and sods.

I decided on making her a hamper with all the things she likes and most inportantly, appreciates. This is when I began on Hamper ideas.


I brought the Grey wicket basket from The Range in Evesham, I can’t remember how much it was but it is adorable and I can see it in her bathroom or living room, storing items.

Both cards are from Tesco, as is the Candle with Rose with the description ‘You’re Lovely’ (the smell is amazing!) the mug is also from Tesco.

Next is the ‘Nan’ keyring which I purchased from Morrisons. I thought it was so cute and for £1.50, you can’t exactly go wrong can you?

The truffles were a cheeky buy from  Next Sale for 50p but they really are timeless and they have a good long date so they can be kept for a special occasion or eaten over a log period.

The ‘If Mothers Were Flowers’ sign was by Matalan for £2! It was in the outdoor section but I thought it would look sweet hung up from a wardrobe or chest of drawers.

The final buy was from a boutique store in Leamington Spa (it was a few weeks back) but the Yankee Candle is a Limited Edition and the smell is unbelieveable. It is moreish!

I also treated her to two gift vouchers for two luxurious shops: Jo Malone and Debenhams so she can treat herself to something beauty related or more candles (which can’t be a bad thing right?!)

Thank you you for reading, what do you have organised for your Mum this Mothering Sunday?

Feel free to leave a comment 🙂




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