You Made Me Who I Am..

I am 26 and in my life I’ve experienced so much, I could write a documentary about myself.

If I could go back ten years, I would do things a lot more different. And yet? At the same time I wouldn’t.

At the young age of 16, I was employed and enjoyed my job. When I turned 18, I was a bit of a rebel. I took numerous credit cards out and an overdraft at the bank because i wanted the next best thing, whether it be technology or fashion. Sure, I worked so I had no issue paying it back.

But then, I met someone. Someone who knocked me off my feet. I had crushes before and never got anywhere, but I was falling. Falling hard for this guy. He promised me the world. I believed him. He gave me children. I adored him for giving me what I had wanted and with someone I cherished. I really loved him and I cannot explain in words just how much I cared.

Then the drug use started. Anger management classes. Drunken roudyness. I was always told “it won’t happen again.” Silly old me, believed. It happened for a few years and I had enough. It was affecting me. It was affecting my family, my work. It was making my life a misery where some nights I wouldn’t sleep, feeling torn inside always asking myself WHY ME?

If I could go back to when I was 16, I would warn myself. Concentrate on my job, save and soon I could financially be in a good place and have many an opportunity.

At the age of 18, be more wary of credit cards and cancel the overdraft. You don’t need it. But most importantly, don’t get side tracked by a guy. You have your whole life ahead of you.

The only decent thing to come out of that relationship was my three children. They really are my world, I wouldn’t be the person I am today, if it wasn’t for my offspring. I adore them and they adore me.

I am in no rush to meet anyone, I am more than happy with my own company. But I always wonder, if I hadn’t of met him, how would my life have panned out?

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