Valentine’s Birthday 2017′

This little boy? Turns Two in a matter of 13 days..

I can’t even begin to explain where two years have gone, it doesn’t even feel like it was 16 months ago I returned to work after my maternity leave?!

But what an amazing (and pretty hectic!) journey it has been. This picture really sums Riley up. He is so cheeky, adorable, funny, cute and daft. He loves acting silly and pulling faces. He enjoys reading books together and his new obsession is Peppa Pig. His favourites remain as Bing, Teletubbies and Twirlywoos.

in the near two years I’ve shared my life with him, I’ve learnt independence (I’m no longer with the children’s dad, I’m very much a single Pringle) I’ve learnt happiness, he was the gap missing in our jigsaw and he really has concluded the final piece to our puzzle. He absolutely adores his brother and sister. He shares mummys bed which to some is bad, but is his comfort and that it shall remain.

Riley also suffers with Coeliac disease and currently under a dietician at hospital for his dietary requirements (it is hard going, believe me 😒)

He is having a mini party with his family before his birthday as this year it falls on a Tuesday, and as a birthday treat we are taking him to the ice cream parlour in town (that I cannot wait!) so I will be showing you plenty of photos of how we got on!

I hope you all have a wonderful February and see you soon. Don’t forget to comment. 😊

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