Bath time with Orla Kiely..

What I love most about any day of the week is tucking my three little ones into bed after a bedtime story, is a bubble bath.

After a busy day whether it be from work, or with my family, or general ladies problems (because that gets in the way every month, you hear what I’m saying girls?) I absolutely love getting into a hot bubble bath, bath towel on the radiator heating up by the minute, just relaxing and collecting my thoughts together.

As my birthday is so close to christmas, I always get double treats. Christmas 2016 I received two gift sets from my Mum, Orla Kiely gift sets. I am a huge fan of Orla, I cannot go into Fred Winters in Stratford without gazing into the collection.

So I was absolutely made up when I received this, the tin itself is gorgeous but the products included? Wonderful.

The body mists accompanied in the tin are so fresh, i have one in my handbag to use on a daily basis.

The Sage Lavendar Body Milk is to die for. I suffer with eczema quite badly, but I can use this on my skin and not worry if it is too harsh.

Is there any body milks, lotions or general beauty products you swear by? I’d love to hear about them!

But right now, I’m going to happily get ready for, you guessed it? A well deserved bubble bath.

*Please note, I haven’t been sponsored by Orla Kiely or any dostributors for this blog post, this is purely my own.

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